By a decision of the Directorate of Posts and Mail Coaches in 1858, the first series of postage stamps as a means of dispatch, was put into circulation, bearing the ancient coat of arms of the royal house of Mușatin and of the country, the Cap de Bour.
Through this event, the postal administration of Moldova precedes other countries in South-East Europe: Greece issued the first postage stamps in 1861, the Ottoman Empire in 1863, Serbia in 1866, and Bulgaria and Albania - since their independence, in 1879, and 1913, respectively.
The first issue of postage stamps from Republic of Moldova, consisted of three stamps bearing national symbols – the Flag and the Coat of Arms - was put into postal use on 23 June 1991, the day of first anniversary of the proclamation of the sovereignty.
On 23 June 2016, the day of 25th anniversary of the first issue of postage stamps, State Enterprise "Posta Moldovei" issued a postcard with a impressed stamp, reflecting the first issue of postage stamps with face values of 7 c., 13 c. and 30 c.
The same year, on 27 August, the Republic of Moldova celebrated 25 years since the proclamation of its sovereignty. This event was commemorated by the issue of a souvenir sheet with three postage stamps, which together, form the Tricolour of the National Flag.
The postage stamp with the face value of 11L is the thousandth stamp issued by Republic of Moldova. That event was marked with a special commemorative cancellation.