Personalized stamps

S.E. "Poşta Moldovei" launched on 5 August 2009 the first issue of personalized stamps.  By launching the service in Republic of Moldova, S.E. "Poşta Moldovei" aligns itself with developed countries, already issuing personalized stamps such as France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Canada and USA.
"Personalized stamp" service offers to everybody the possibility to convert the favorite picture into an exclusive stamp.
The personalized stamps are more than a usual stamp. Apart from the fact that they can be collected, they can also present, in essence, an unusual individual and philatelic gift.
The personalized stamps can be ordered at "Personalized stamps" Bureau. See prices for “Personalized stamp” service.
Information: tel. (373) 022 251-280, e-mail:

Personalized stamps 2023
1.  Sheet „Traditional waist belt. Country brand”
2. Sheet ”Traditional ornament
3. Sheet  ”Varicoloured”
4. Sheet ”Textured green”
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