Creativity of Mihai Eminescu in painting

Catalogue, No MP1258-1259
Original date of issue 15 January 2023
Type of issue postage stamp
Sheet 10 (5x2) stamps
Size, mm 27,50 x 46,00 mm
Printing run, ex. MP1258 = 15.000 ex.; MP1259 = 15.000 ex.
Price, MDL MP1256 = 2.80 L; MP1257 = 8.15 L
Designer Oleg Cojocari
Related first day cover
Paintings from the collection of plastic artist Ion Daghi,
holder of the Mihai Eminescu Gold Medal in Fine Arts offered by Romania,
were used in the process of developing the "Eminesciana plastică" series of postage stamps.