Months of the year in folk tradition (IV)

Catalogue, No MP1173-1175
Original date of issue 30 October 2020
Type of issue postage stamp
Block block with 3 postage stamps & 1 vignette
Size, mm 34,00 x 34,00
Format coliță, mm 102,00 x 85,00
Price, MDL 3 x 5,75
Tiraj coliță, ex. 7.500
Designer Oleg Cojocari
Related first day cover

The marks of the series "Months of the Year in the popular tradition (IV)" contain the following titles:

1. MP1173 ”Octombrie. Brumarel”
2. MP1174 ”Noiembrie. Brumar”
3. MP1175 ”Decembrie. Ningau”