Personalities who changed the world history

Catalogue, No MP1167-1170
Original date of issue 13 October 2020
Type of issue postage stamp
Sheet 8 stamps & 1 vignette
Size, mm 34,00x34,00
Printing run, ex. MP1167=37.600; MP1168=12.000; MP1169=37.600; MP1170=12.000
Price, MDL MP1167=1,20L; MP1168=1,75L; MP1169=9,50L + 3 L; MP1170=11L
Painter & designer Vladimir Melnic
Related first day cover, maximum card
B.S. ′′ The Post Office of Moldova ′′ supports the doctors in the Republic of Moldova. B.S. ′′ The Post Office of Moldova ′′ was and remains to be the public institution that provides postal and social services, together with all the citizens of the country. This time, being solidarity with doctors and medical staff who dedicate themselves enormously in the fight against the new COVID-19 virus and supporting their efforts on October 13, 2020, B.S. ′′ The post office of Moldova ′′ will put the postmark in circulation with a surcharge in size of 3.00 lei dedicated to ′′ Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). Founder of modern health care. 200 years since birth ", which is part of the postmark series ′′ Personalities that changed the history of the world ". Florence Nightingale (b. 12 May 1820-d August 13, 1910, she was the first modern nurse. Thanks to the ambition and dedication of Florence Nightingale, the th century hospitals have transformed into proper treatment facilities, equipped with health care and medical staff ready anytime to care for the sick. The proceeds collected from the sale of the trademark (surcharge of 3 lei) will be transferred to the medical staff, those who are on the frontline in the fight against the new coronavirus COVID-19. It is clear that the total circulation issued will be 36 000 stamps, the amount collected and donated will represent 108 lei. We urge all those passionate about the Moldavian philateliy, but also those who support the doctors in the Republic of Moldova not to hesitate to buy this postmark.