Europa 2017. Castels.

Catalogue, No MP1027
Original date of issue 28 April 2017
Type of issue postage stamp
Minisheet 4x11L
Size minisheet, mm 119,50 x 78,00
Quantity booklets, ex. 5.000
Price of booklet with minisheet, MDL 46,00
Designer Vitaliu Pogolsha
The series of postage stamps „Europa 2017. Castels.” was issued on 28 April 2017, within the post office MD-6512, in Bulboaca locality, Anenii-Noi. 
On the postage stamp there is illustrated the MIMI Castel, an architectural monument of national importance from Bulboaca locality, Anenii-Noi, built at the end of the XIX th century, at the order of Bessarabian governor and winemaker, Constantin Mimi.