Europa 2017. Castels.

Catalogue, No MP1027
Original date of issue 28 April 2017
Type of issue postage stamp
Size, mm 46,00 x 27,50
Tiraj, ex. 100.000
Price, MDL 11,00
Designer Vitaliu Pogolsha
Related first day cover
The series of postage stamps „Europa 2017. Castels.” was issued on 28 April 2017, within the post office MD-6512, in Bulboaca locality, Anenii-Noi. 
On the postage stamp there is illustrated the MIMI Castel, an architectural monument of national importance from Bulboaca locality, Anenii-Noi, built at the end of the XIX th century, at the order of Bessarabian governor and winemaker, Constantin Mimi.